Kazakh Pupils Spent Vacation in China

More than 140 Kazakh pupils from different regions in the country spent their vacation in China.

24 teenagers between 14 and 16 represented the capital delegation.

During the week, they have been acquainted with culture, history and sightseeing of China.

The tour was organized as part of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan with the support of the Chinese Embassy.

One of the main treasures of the Chinese culture is the calligraphy art that local teachers demonstrated to the Kazakh students. The teachers held a master-class where they discover the secrets of writing hieroglyphs.

The students were very interested in the ancient and fascinating art of beautiful writing that they were ready to continue learning calligraphy at home in Kazakhstan. 

“I learned the Chinese writing, but I had to stop due to time constraints. However, this trip has impressed me. After visiting this country and learning its culture, I plan to continue learning the culture of China,” said student, Ainur Yusupova.

After graduation, Alikhan Zhangazakov plans to study in China, because the teachers and universities are ones of the best in the world.

During the one week tour, the Kazakh students have visited four cities including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Beijing.

They admired the ancient and modern architecture of the country and also learn about the ancient and original culture of China.

Photo: baq.kz