Khabar Agency Launched New Season

TV Company which occupies a leading position in domestic media space will present more live broadcasts, discussions on the most relevant topics and TV shows of its own production.

Currently, the Khabar Agency is a television family of four channels including Khabar 24, international channel Kazakh TV, Yel Arna movie channel and, of course, Khabar TV.

The television family is the only media holding in the country that is involved in the production of biopic about famous personalities.

This year alone, the agency released 11 new series including ‘Bekzat’, ‘The Way of Heroes’ and ‘Kalamger’.

“We give priority to the series. Now we are going to broadcast multi-genre movies such as comedy, melodrama, military and historical dramas, biographical films that popularize great personalities and scientists, honor the past and great people,” said General Producer of Khabar Agency, Aidos Turysbek.

The new TV season is expected to be interesting also for culture and history fans. The Yel Arna TV will broadcast art and short films as well as films of the golden fund of Europe and Asia.

“Ten companies shoot 10 films. Each of them thinks that their film is the best. TV Series, ‘Karlygash uya salganda,’ is recognized as the best,” said Director of Yel Arna TV, Arman Seitmamyt.

Kazakh TV has also a good content to offer to its viewers. TV programs such as Kazakh Life, Aytys Life and Kazakh Quest are dedicated to travel, history, the country’s culture and national traditions.

“A new season of our channel is still focused on our main topics and goals which are popularization of tourism as well as introduction to our culture and history as part of the Modernization of Kazakhstan’s Identity program,” said Director of Kazakh TV, Maya Bekbayeva.

Meanwhile, in a new season, the Khabar 24 round-the-clock information channel promises to be even faster and to increase the number of live broadcasts.