Khabar Agency will present new season at Astana Media Week

The second day of Astana Media Week is taking place in the capital. Today experts will talk about advertising and promotion in the media.

During the day, master classes and trainings are expected to be held on topics such as the country's advertising market, marketing myths and much more.

Turkish producer, Alp Tanyr said that television is perceived by audience all over the world as entertaining content. However, many Kazakh viewers still turn on the TV to get information.

“I think that the development of Kazakh television will follow this path. It is very important to increase the production of entertainment products such as talk show, series, and everything that relaxes a person after a hard day's work,” he added.

Official presentation of the new season of Khabar Agency will be also held today. Films and series of different genres, programs and projects on various topics, talk shows and much more will be presented.

The quality and content of the Khabar Agency cannot be compared with the contents of other media agencies. The agency’s production is bought by content providers from Russia, China, Mongolia, Tatarstan and Uzbekistan.

“The Uzbek market which was closed for foreign production bought three series of ours this year. These included ‘Ana zhuregi’, ‘Azhe’ and ‘Aga’. These series were successfully viewed by the viewers in Uzbekistan. The ratings were very high,” said Director of International Cooperation Department of Khabar Agency, Dinara Abakayeva.

Over 60 domestic and international top managers of the media industry participate in the Astana Media Week.

The number of participants this year is significantly higher than last year. In general, the forum brought together about 2,000 guests.

The event will continue tomorrow with the topic of the final day - content of the mass media.