Kazakh Language Should Become the Language of Interethnic Communication

The Kazakh language should become the language of interethnic communication. The statement was announced by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his state-of-the-nation address.

The Head of the State highlighted that language is an instrument of social cohesion and emphasized that the importance of the Kazakh language in the society should increase. Linguists of the country agree with his statement.

A scholar-philologist Yerden Kazhybek noted that if citizens communicate with each other in Kazakh, the language can be raised to the international level.

“We are one state, one people and one nation of Kazakhstan. Therefore, the concept of interethnic must be interpreted as interstate and international. The Kazakh language has been the language of international communication during the period of Altyn Orda, Desht-i-Kipchak and previous historical eras. Kazakh language has prospects and huge potential to become the international language of science, production, economics, innovations and culture,” he said.

Both Kazakhs and foreigners show interest in the Kazakh language. Among the interested people include a teacher, Oleg Svet.

He spent many years to study the special literature while instilling the love of the state language in his students and educating them on national values.

The Aktobe resident said that every Kazakh citizen should learn about the language.

“I think that every Kazakh must love his or her homeland, language and culture. The Kazakh language deserves to become the language of international communication. We can achieve this by putting efforts together and everyone should work hard on it,” he added.