Moratorium For Saxaul Felling Leads to Increasing Forest Fund

The prohibition of saxaul felling has led to the increase in plantations as well as conversion of part of dried land in Kyzylorda region. The ban has been in force since 2015.

Currently, there are seven million hectares of state forest reserve area. Saxaul trees are grown in three of the total area.

Over the years of the prohibition, the areas of the reserved forest have been increased as well as the territories of private lands and rural districts.

Experts and local residents said that the decision to extend the ban on saxaul felling for another five years was correct.

“The environmental benefits to nature are huge. It is scientifically proven that one saxaul tree holds 10 square meters of sand. In the Shiyeli district, we plant saxaul seeds every year. I emphasize that the saxaul areas has sharply increased in the district,” said Director of Regional Institution for Forest Protection of Kyzylorda Region, Zhandos Aliyev.