Scientists are in Favor of Peaceful Atom

Kazakh scientists will take part in one of the major experiments of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

At the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, they intend to study the theory of big bang and the structure of the universe.

The rich experience of Kazakh physicists can play an important role in achieving the best results and world discoveries.

“We offer big experiments and invite Kazakhstan to remember one of these four experiments for sure. On top of that in order to do fundamental research we need to have the infrastructure,” said Advisor of European Organization for Nuclear Research, Christoph Schaefer.

Advances in nuclear technology will also help to develop modern medicine.

For instance, together with Kazakh nuclear physicists, scientists were able to create isotopes that can be used to accurately reflect the slightest changes in the human body. The chemical element allows detecting cancer at an early stage and effectively fighting against it.

Experts said that there are almost no limits in the application of nuclear energy. Another new area is interaction with agriculture. As it turned out, the structure of plants and animal cells can be modified using radiation. It will be possible to improve their productivity and resistance to the environment and pests.

However, this is only a small part of the contribution of Kazakh specialists to the area of the ‘peaceful atom’ application.

“The development and creation of new composite materials can also be made possible using nuclear technology. Materials that do not exist in nature can be created. Very durable surfaces that withstand high levels of radiation and temperature can be produced. These materials will be corrosion resistant. They can be used in a number of industries,” said Deputy CEO of Institute of Nuclear Physics, Nasuralla Burtebayev.

Scientists said that the development of peaceful atom is a very promising area. World’s leading universities are ready to invest in the training of nuclear physicists, who are on their way to discover the most cutting edge breakthroughs.