Books of Kazakh Writer Included into Fund of Library of Congress in USA

Famous Kazakh writer, Zaure Turekhanova will be releasing the continuation of her book, Amina Turan in the Country of Nomads.

The fantasy genre tells about an exciting journey of a 12-year old girl who travels in the adventurous country of nomads. The book will be completed by the end of this year.

The second book will be called Amina Turan on the Great Silk Road.

Zaure Turekhanova said that her main goal is to write about interesting characters that are easily relatable and understandable to young readers.

“Children read the book and they like it. They want to read about characters whom they can relate to. This is my goal as a writer of children’s books,” she said.

On top of her creative works, Zaure Turekhanova wrote guidebooks of Almaty and Nur-Sultan. She created a unique format using colorful illustrations and bright photographs.

The books are designed for children and adults. The books contain information on the sites and history of the cities.

The books are placed in the Library of Congress in the United States. Now the guidebooks are kept in the library of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson buildings.

“The book about Almaty was successful and we thought why not write a book about the capital. Since the capital has a centuries-old history at the same time many important events of our country took place there. We named the book as the Heart of Our Homeland – Wonderful Astana,” writer said.

The aspiring author, Zaure Turekhanova wants her works to be published and read beyond Kazakhstan.