Tourism Development in Kazakhstan

A modern resort is being constructed in the Burabai district in Akmola region. The recreation area will be built on an area of 233 hectares and will include accommodation, a site for outdoor activities as well as playgrounds.

Experts are confident that the project will directly increase the number of tourists as well as help to grow the tourism potential of the region.

Approximately, one million tourists visit Burabai every year. The number of visitors is expected to double by next year.

“The ‘Four Seasons’ concept is being implemented to promote our tourism potential. A number of events are being organized. The sports race ‘Race Nation’ is scheduled this fall. ‘Kansonar,’ which is the hunting birds competition will be held in winter,” said Deputy Director of Tourism Department of Akmola Region, Almas Sagdiyev.

Meanwhile, tourist traffic is expected to be increased in Eastern Kazakhstan.

The tourists will first be brought to Alakol. A special working group is working on improving the lake coast. 30 billion tenge is allocated for the implementation of renovating projects.

Apart from vacation in Alakol, tourists from far abroad also chose Katon-Karagai or Ridder. Russian tourists prefer the Bukhtyrma reservoir.

“The coast of Alakol is being actively developed. This year, the design estimates are being developed for water supply, airport reconstruction and strengthening the shores. We propose to complete these projects in the upcoming four years. Moreover, Katonkaragai, Ridder, Bukhtyrma and the Glubokovskiy districts are also being developed,” said Director of Tourism Department of East Kazakhstan Region, Marat Kabakov.

Authorities in Turkistan region are also expecting the increase of tourist traffic.

Attention is paid on the preservation of historical values of Turkistan, further improvement of monuments, preservation of the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum and creation of the administrative and business center.

Today 17 tourism projects are developed, seven of which have been launched.

Over the past seven months, more than 700,000 people have visited Turkistan region. In total, local authorities plan to increase these figures to five million by 2025.