Caravan of Kindness Republican Competition Begins in Kazakhstan

The second republican contest, Caravan of Kindness, has begun in Kazakhstan.

The contest is held in order to popularize the ideas of charity and the development of active citizenship. Individuals and legal entities who have contributed to the solution of social and public problems in the country can take part the competition.

Last year, 97 applications were submitted to the competition.

“Our task is to identify and showcase these people. Most of them act incognito, modestly, not trying to distinguish themselves or even talk about themselves. We think that our goal is to find these people,” said Deputy Executive Director of Fund of the First President, Igor Rogov.

The competition will be organized with the support of Khabar Agency. The results will be announced in February 2020. The honored contestants will be announced in five special nominations.

Working groups will be created to represent and propose candidates. The group will include representatives of the Association of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan, representatives of the Domestic Policy Department and journalists in the regions.