Kazakhstan celebrates the Constitution Day

The main law of the country was adopted at a national referendum on August 30th, 1995.

The first article of the Constitution states that Kazakhstan affirms itself as a democratic, secular, legal and social state, and the highest values ​​of which are a person, his life, rights and freedoms.

At the initial stages, the citizens took an active part in the discussions of the draft Constitution. More than three million citizens took part in about 33,000 collective discussions.

Experts said that all the achievements of independent Kazakhstan are based on the spirit and letter of the Basic Law.

“The main achievement of the Constitution is that territorial integrity was preserved in the 90s. If we consider the situation of the 90s and the predictions of Western and American political scientists, Kazakhstan had the largest index of ethnolinguistic fractalization. But we were able to maintain territorial integrity due to the fact that we began to conduct very cautious activities in the field of interethnic relations, we conduct very good work in political sphere and we have a Constitution that determined our political landscape,” said political scientist, Zhaksylyk Sabitov.