National Nuclear Center Prepares for Second Launch of ‘Tokamak’ Reactor

Controlled thermonuclear fusion can rid the world of energy dependence. Scientists at Kazakhstan’s National Nuclear Center conduct works on this theory.

Experts believe that Kazakh Tokamak for Material Studies will solve the problem of finding alternative energy sources.

Tokamak is a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils designed to conduct research in the field of the controlled thermonuclear fusion.

“Thermonuclear fusion is an environmentally friendly source of energy, and it is inexhaustible. It is not very difficult to obtain the water, especially when we will have the technologies, including nuclear technologies and high-temperature nuclear reactors,” said CEO of National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan, Erlan Batyrbekov.

Scientists are preparing for the second phase of the physical launch of the Kazakh Tokamak. This is one of the important international ITER projects in which fusion can be controlled.

In the future, humankind will obtain a practically inexhaustible and environmentally-friendly form of energy by switching to the thermonuclear power industry.

Its first launch was carried out specifically for the international exhibition, Astana EXPO 2017.

“On June 9 we obtained the first plasma. We had a test run in 2010. This was already a normal plasma discharge,” said Senior Staff of National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan, Denis Zarva.

Similar studies are very popular in the world. Agreements on the joint use of Tokamak with the Commonwealth of Independent States have been signed. This will allow Kazakhstan to turn the reactor into a source of income.

An experimental thermonuclear reactor is being built in France, which is called ITER. It is designed to show the technical feasibility of the thermonuclear reactors. However, there is an issue. The materials have not yet been chosen which will be facing the plasma.

“Similar studies on them will be conducted at our facility,” said Senior Staff of Office of Institute of Atomic Energy, Baurzhan Chiktybayev.

The second final stage of the physical launch of the Tokamak is scheduled for September. Following that, the Kazakh Tokamak for Material Studies complex will be commissioned.