Russia Adopting Kazakhstan’s Experience in Healthcare

Kazakhstan’s experience in obtaining international accreditation for medical institutions has become an example to many countries.

A delegation of the Russian Health Ministry has recently visited the Kazakh capital. The Russian experts have been introduced to topics of managing the quality of medical services and patient safety.

They have also seen the work of a number of leading medical institutions in Kazakhstan.

“All medical organizations are equipped with the most modern high technologies. Highly qualified specialists work in these medical institutions. I was surprised by the topics of digital transformation and informatization in healthcare,” said Senior Staff of Russia’s Federal Healthcare Service, Anatoliy Sharonov.

The national system of accreditation of medical organizations has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2009.

Experts opined that it meets all international requirements and is recognized by the international society for the quality of healthcare. Today, nearly 10 clinics in Kazakhstan have such a high category.

The standard not only increases the confidence of the population, but also contributes to the development of medical tourism, the experts said.

“Approximately 100 cardiac surgeons and cardiologists from the European Union, the Arab countries, Russia and Ukraine have paid a visit to us to gain experience in clinical work and cardiac surgery. People visit us for interventional cardiology, rhythmology and cardiology. Apart from the countries from far abroad, our compatriots from all regions of Kazakhstan also visit us to gain the experience,” said First Deputy Chairperson of National Research Cardiac Surgery Center, Makhabbat Bekbosynova.

The medical organization has to meet all requirements of the Joint Commission International in order to be recognized. There are more than 1,300 standards.

In Kazakhstan, seven clinics have been accredited. The clinics have been evaluated on everything from conditions of buildings and parking lots to the right way of treatment by staff.

“In order to be able to develop medical tourism, our clinics must comply with international standards, which are being actively implemented in Kazakhstan. We are currently negotiating with Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan,” Director of Republican Accreditation Center of Healthcare Development, Botagoz Kaupbayeva.

Cooperation on gaining international accreditation for medical institutions with Russia continues.

According to the agreement, the two countries will exchange experience in managing the quality of medical services as well as patient safety over the next three years.