Zharkent Mosque is Popular among Tourists

There are more than 600 facilities of cultural, historical and natural heritage recorded in the Sacred Map of Kazakhstan.

There are 58 facilities only in Almaty region. Many tourists have visited the places. The number of tourists is increasing every year.

Zharkent mosque is one of the most visited sites in the region. More than 3,700 people visited the mosque last year.

The grand building made in the 19th century has captured the interest of both locals as well as foreigners.

People arrive here mostly from Poland and other countries. Tourists say that they’ve heard about the holy places from their friends and relatives who have already been here.

The building was used for different purposes since the establishment of the Soviet Union. It used to be a warehouse, granary and barrack for border guards.

A study on the mosque was conducted 70 years ago. As a result, the historical building was taken under state protection. The building is unique because not a single nail was used for its construction.

“We have given services worth 77 million tenge over the last six months. The majority of tourists come to see the mosque. They also visit the holy tree,” said, Deputy Governor of Panfilov District of Almaty Region, Shukhrat Kurbanov.

Over two million tourists visited the sightseeing places in Almaty region last year. This year, 2.2 million people are expected to visit the tourism facilities.

Photo: yvision.kz