Kymyz Produced From Cow’s Milk in Kazakhstan

Biotechnologist Bayan Duisenbek studies the milk composition in a special laboratory workshop in Kyzylorda region. The scientist is working on finding a new type of dairy products.

Last year, Bayan came up with an idea where she made ice cream from camel’s milk using special processing technology. Now she has also started producing kymyz from cow's milk. 

“We produce kymyz drink by using whey from cow’s milk. Its taste, as well as chemical and biological composition, is no different than mare's milk. Most importantly, the drink is very healthy,” she said.

Experts said that using cow’s milk to make kymyz has a significant advantage. Firstly, milk is cheaper than mare’s milk. Secondly, cow’s milk is also available throughout the year. The new product has been approved via numerous research works.

National Biotechnological Center in Almaty and the Agrarian University were involved in research on the creation of kymyz drink. As a result of research, kymyz will be produced on a large scale.

Specialists said that there are a number of plans for the future, including the increase of capacities and expansion of markets.

“We organized an agricultural cooperative in 2016. We breed 750 camels, 285 cows and 150 horses. Since the product is organic, the demand for it is high. This is why we are increasing the livestock and volumes of the products,” said entrepreneur, Sabyr Yermakhanov.

To date, a small enterprise makes 10 types of products, including shubat, airan, ice cream, cottage cheese, kurt and children’s yoghurt.