Unique Letters Showcased In Eastern Kazakhstan Museum

Unique memories were shared by the Museum of Local History in East Kazakhstan region.

Researchers showcased letters of Boris Lapin who was imprisoned and politically purged in 1939. These artifacts are very unique and special since they were written on the branches of birch tree.

He used to send the letters to his family in Oskemen. His letters are full of sorrow and misery as well as anguish and hope. He used to write on magazine covers, and sometimes on birch trees and on papyrus.

His family donated the letters, which arrived to them from Chita region to the museum. The letters written by Boris Lapin proves as important evidence about the life in camp during that time. 

“In his letters, Lapin wrote that he was missing his family very much. Moreover, he also wrote about the hardships in the camp. He constantly asked about his two daughters and family,” said Senior Staff of Museum of Memory of Victims of Political Repression, Farida Begimkhanova.

Photo: Хабар 24