Kazakh Wrestling Techniques Studied in South Korea

Kazakh wrestling techniques were studied in the Land of Morning Freshness.

In the city of Chungju, athletes from Kazakhstan, Korea, Brazil, Turkey and Mongolia arrived at the youth camp.

They learned not only the basics of martial art but also learned how to greet, say goodbye and give thanks in different languages.

The youth camp is organized by the UNESCO International Martial Arts Center.

Over the course of one week, they studied not only the national wrestling of the Kazakhs ‘Kures’ but also the Mongols ‘Bokh’, the Korean ‘Ssirum’, Turkish ‘Gures’ and the Brazilian ‘Capoeira’.

Specialist of UNESCO International Martial Arts Center, Hanna Choi said that such events contribute to the international promotion of these martial arts.

During the training, wrestlers from Brazil noted that capoeira and kures have a lot of similar techniques.

“The rules of the Kazakh kures are similar to judo, sambo or freestyle wrestling. Recently, the Asian Championship was held in Mongolia. Kazakh wrestlers won three of the eight weight categories,” said Honored Coach of Kazakhstan, Yerbol Myrzabosynov.

The Kazakhs agreed to exchange experiences with other federations.

The local wrestlers are sure that international cooperation will help make Kazakh kures as a more popular sport worldwide. The game could also be included in the Olympic Games program.

Photo: Хабар 24