Kazakhstan and Georgia Plan to Develop Historical Tourism

Kazakhstan is attracting tourists from all over the world.

Last year, eight million travelers visited the country. Foreigners are interested in picturesque nature and historical monuments of the Great Steppe as well as the traditions and culture of nomads.

Growth of tourist numbers is due to the simplification of visa travel to Kazakhstan. To date, citizens of 60 countries can visit Kazakhstan without applying for visa.

Georgia is one of such countries. According to travel agencies, the number of tourists from Georgia increased by 75 percent last year.

Previously, Georgians visited Kazakhstan only for business purposes, now they pay a visit to Kazakhstan as tourists as well. Experts said that Georgians choose Turkistan as a tourist destination. The ancient city is popular for its monuments and mosques.

Tourists from Georgia are interested in the ancient cities of Kazakhstan that are located along the Silk Road. Kazakhs visit these places during excursions and vacations in local sanatoriums.

It is clear that historical tourism continues to develop in Georgia as well. There are a number of historical monuments left by Kazakhs’ ancestors, Kipchaks.

The Head of ‘Trails of Nomads’ excursion said that this fact will positively impact tourism development. Festivals and exhibitions of craftspeople will also increase the number of visitors.

“Georgians have agreed to film a joint project. We have to build common historical monuments as well as work together in the field of museum,” said Director of ‘Trails of Nomads’ Expedition, Sapar Iskakov.

The head of the expedition claimed that if Kazakhstan and Georgia continue to work together to popularize the historical heritage, then the tourism relations between the countries will reach to a new level.

Photo: kapital.kz