Abai’s Descendants to Organize Tour in Kazakhstan

The descendant of great Abai Kunanbayev plans to celebrate his 175th anniversary by organizing a tour across Kazakhstan. He wants to introduce the spiritual heritage of the famous poet to the public. 

Baltash Yersalimov is a direct descendant of the legendary poet. He has been a Director of the Republican Fund of Abai for 25 years.

He is also a journalist. Over the past years, he has worked for a newspaper and also headed the Local Museum of History and the Kazakh Philharmonic.

The 82-year old descendant of Abai plans to organize the tour around Kazakhstan in memory of his ancestor despite his old age.

“Abai had witnessed a lot in his life. In his poem, he wrote: ‘Don’t blame me on the fight against darkness and ignorance.’ He wanted his nation to study and to learn about culture. He wanted people to respect and understand each other. In his works, he encouraged the people to unite together,” he said.

The youngest descendant of Abai, Yerzhan Yersalimov, agrees with his ancestor’s opinion. He assures that the work of the great poet is still relevant today.

Representatives of other nations have also supported the initiative. The ‘Aisha Bibi’ Cultural Center under the House of Friendship in Semei organized an hour of poetry reading, where other ethnic and cultural centers of the country followed.

Photo: Хабар 24