National Museum of Kazakhstan is One of Main Sightseeing Places

Travelers from all over the world are attracted to the history and memorable culture heritage of the country of the Great Steppe.

The National Museum is one of the popular places in Nur-Sultan for tourists to visit. All the stages of the country’s development and history are presented in the museum.

For visitors’ convenience, tours are offered in Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese and Turkish languages.

Analysts said that every year the number of tourists who want to know more about the past of nomads is growing.

In 2018, more than 21,000 foreigners visited the National Museum to have a look at unique exhibits and learn about the history of Kazakhs. Tourists often ask about ‘The Golden Man’.

The National Museum of Kazakhstan is the newest and largest in Central Asia.

The building has an extraordinary design. The nine-floor complex consists of seven blocks. There are 14 exhibition halls.

The museum also has a research institute and a workshop for the restoration of exhibits. The purpose of the restoration is to fully present the history of the country to visitors.

Researcher of National Museum of Kazakhstan, Dauletkerei Kusainov said that it widely presents the exhibits that tell about the history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh people and culture. These are the Bronze Age, the Saka period, modernity and the first flight of Kazakh astronauts.

Currently, the total number of exhibits in the National Museum is over 200,000. The fund is constantly replenished.

As part of ‘Donating to the National Museum’ campaign, more than 4,000 valuable exhibits have been added to the museum fund.