Kazakh Railway Company to Focus on Green Economy

Kazakh railway companies are reducing their environmental footprints in order to contribute to the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The country’s largest railway company has launched a program to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 16 percent.

The company also plans to compensate its carbon footprint by 100 percent by 2023.

In order to implement the programs, the railway company will introduce alternative energy sources, modernize its boiler house and switch to gas heating.

Another important area is the landscaping program for small and single-industry towns.

Chairperson of Council for Youth Policy of Railway Company, Adilzhan Shomanov said that company has to prepare production capacity in reducing energy loss and volatility.

This includes the heat rehabilitation of a building, modernization of the large energy-intensive equipment and complete transition to LED technology.

The second stage is the introduction of alternative technologies, particularly, the introduction of heat pumps and solar collectors, which will save up to 40 percent of consumption of fuel energy resources.

The third stage is a large-scale introduction of renewable energy technologies.

The Kazakh company plans to launch a project on recycling plastic waste.

The company also intends to launch a project on manufacturing innovative plastic railway ties. Today the technology is widely used in America, Canada, Western Europe and Russia.

Photo: zakon.kz