Across the Great Steppe Expedition Ended in Kazakhstan

The ‘Across the Great Steppe’ expedition has ended in Kazakhstan. European travelers have traveled more than 4,000 kilometers to discover holy places located in the country.

The tourists have visited an epicenter of the nomad civilization, Ulytau, the national nature park, Altyn-Emel and the curative lake, Alakol. They have also reached the Akmeshit summit which is 1,133 meters high.

The excursion members have also paid visits to mausoleums of Zhoshy Khan, Dombaul and Alasha Khan as well as to mosques built by Abai Kunanbayev’s father in the 18th century.

The travelers have been impressed by nature, holy places and the hospitality of the locals.

The Europeans said that Kazakhstan has huge tourism potential.

“We went to places where Abai was living and working. We were reading his poems and then we went to the lakes from Almaty back via Balkhash to Astana. For me one of the highlight was the national park, ‘Altyn Emel,” said Vice President, Austrian-Kazakh Association, Christine Muttonen.