Didgoroba Festival Celebrated in Georgia

The celebration, Didgoroba, has been organized in Georgia. The festival is a symbol of national unity and victory.

In 1121, Georgian King David the Fourth with Kipchak Khan Artyk attacked and destroyed Seljuk Turks. In honor of this date, celebrations are organized every year.

This year members of the scientific expedition, ‘Trails of Nomads,’ attended the event. The expedition members performed folk songs.

According to historical data, Georgians were supported by 200,000 nomads who arrived from the Great Steppe in this battle.

After the victory, King David the Fourth created the most comfortable conditions for nomads and allocated the best pastures for their cattle in order to strengthen relations with them.

“Our ancestors fought side by side in that battle. We have to build similar monuments in Tbilisi and in our capital to strengthen the ties among two nations. If we build such large complexes in those areas, we will be able to get together with the youth to uplift their patriotic spirit,” said Director of ‘Trails of Nomads’ Expedition, Sapar Iskakov.