‘Green’ Belt Around Capital to Increase to 30,000 Hectares

There is vivid progress in the restoration of forest ecosystem in Kazakhstan.

Experts plan to increase the area of greeneries around the capital. Currently, the area is 15,000 hectares and the plan is to expand it twice by 2021.

The design work of the greeneries is continued. Seedlings are added into the greeneries every year.

More than 500,000 young trees of 36 types have been planted this spring. There are spruce, pine and birch trees as well as currants and cherries.

“Usually, we protect the forest from pests in June and July. We conduct firefighting works. Six firefighter blocks work across the greeneries. 40 watchmen work round-the-clock. Six water trucks are also set in case of emergency,” said agronomist, Ardak Khasenov.

Special care is required for the seedlings. There was no rain in the summer. Therefore, workers had to work round-the-clock to water and care for the trees from dawn to dusk.

Trees that were planted 20 years ago have contributed greatly to the green environment.

If the area of the greenery is increased to 15,000 hectares, therefore there will be 250 square meters of forest for each resident.

Photo: bnews.kz