French Introduced to Cuisine of Eurasian Nations

Kazakh woman, Gaukhar Assion is successfully operating a restaurant business in Paris, France.

Her restaurant, which offers Eurasian dishes such as beshbarmak, manty, pilaf, dumplings, pies and borsch, has become one of the prestigious restaurants in France.

The conditions for small businesses in France are very competitive, albeit the significant benefits.

There is a lightweight tax regime during the first years of work, as well as an interest-free loan to launch a project. The investments pay off for a long time.

Gaukhar who is a lawyer by education and her husband, a professional restaurateur, had to work 14 hours a day.

“My husband and I are very proud that we provide ourselves with such work. We have never been unemployed. Moreover, we provided jobs to three people who have permanent contracts and permanent work,” said restaurateur, Gaukhar Assion.

Gaukhar, arriving in Kazakhstan, always studies the work of local restaurants.

The restaurateur says in Kazakhstan people cook dishes no worse than in Paris. She also points out that the secret of success is hard work and relentless attention to quality.