Project for Youth Development

Support for youth initiatives and the development of social entrepreneurship are the main priorities of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. A joint project called ‘Zhas Project’ between the World Bank and the Ministry of Education is being implemented in the country. Within the framework of the program, up to one million tenge of grants is allocated to youth group in order to help them develop social ideas. The participants also receive a monthly income. They should implement their projects within six months. The program is focused on young people aged 14 to 29 years.


– So there’s about close to 8000 young people were benefiting from this project. They are supported with the training, life skill training, were supported with mentors, they also supported with training on planning very important to make sure that they able do to coordinate their project and do budget for their projects. In time the project itself 21 million dollars, but we also invested some resourses to do an impact evaluation of the project.

One of the projects that received the support is Book Time. Members of the project help to instill a love of reading in children. They purchased equipment and books using the grant received. In a short period of time, the center became popular among children of different ages.


- Not all parents can make their children read books. And we want to do just that, instill a love of reading because reading develops imagination as well as the ability to analyze, think correctly and critically. We want children to learn about the authors of books. We want to organize trips to the library.

Within the framework of the project, the youth learn to work in a team and manage their project. At the final stage, they explore the possibility of transforming their ideas into business. This year, the ‘Zhas Project’ program is participated by participants from Mangystau, West Kazakhstan, Atyrau and Akmola regions as well as Nur-Sultan and Almaty.