16 Billion Tenge to be Spent on Improvement of Alakol Lake

Local authorities will allocate about 16 billion tenge to conduct improvement works at Lake Alakol.

The officials are planning to implement several large-scale projects. A modern recreation park will be built in the village of Akshi.

Facilities, such as gym areas, children's playgrounds, walkways, as well as cafes, kiosks and an amphitheater will also be constructed.

The works began in mid-May. The deadline is in December, the construction team is planning to complete the works by November.

Due to the development works, Lake Alakol was visited by more than one million people in 2018. Experts believe that the number of tourists is expected to be higher this year.

Over the past three years, more than 5 billion tenge has been allocated from the state budget for the resort village’s infrastructure. Local roads were repaired and special railway routes and air links were launched. Last year, communal services have been established here.

According to the Head of Housing Utilities Department of Alakol District, Adastan Akanov, the Government allocated 200 million tenge to buy seven vehicles in 2018. Another 195 million tenge were allocated this year to purchase additional eight vehicles.

Alakol is one of the most popular resort areas in Kazakhstan. Over the past 5 years, more than 220 recreation areas have been built here. The lake area has been popular among both locals and foreigners for many years.

Фото: tengritravel.kz