Environmental Tourism Develops in Kazakhstan

292 bird species can be found at the Akzhaiyk Nature Reserve located at the Ural River on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Rare birds and wild animals, which are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species, live on the 341,000 hectares of almost untouched nature area.

There are osprey bird, marbled duck, small crane and Siberian crane, which have only a few left in the world, can be found here as well.

The reserve constantly welcomes visitors. The conservation area is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and the brand of the region.

Ornithologist, Ilya Bofonov said that the feature of reserve is that the world migration routes of birds pass through this territory. In the autumn-spring period about 10 million sandpipers fly through it, about five million ducks, two million coots and 35,000 flamingos.

An ecological tourist route was specially developed this year. Organizers made sure that the tourists will not be allowed to come close to the animals in order to not disturb them.

“Here you can also see the Caspian seal, which is on the verge of extinction. We have a total of 48 species of mammals. There are muskrats, raccoons, wolves, foxes and boars,” said Head of the Department of Tourism and Eco-Education of the Natural Reserve “Akzhaiyk”, Islam Kadyrbayev.

Excursion on a motorboat to see the rich flora and fauna will be available to visitors. There are 229 species of flowers located at the nature reserve. Three of the species are listed in the Red Book, which include floating Salvinia, tulip and water chestnut.

Photo: veters.kz