Remains of Soldiers Found in War

The deed of those who sacrificed their lives for the Victory in the Great Patriotic War will never be forgotten.

The flare of the events affected the residents of West Kazakhstan region. 600 bombs were dropped in the Bokey Orda and Zhanibek districts.

The Saykhin and Shungai stations were constantly attacked by the fascist troops as the stations were located along the Uralsk-Ryazan railway.

The railways were used to transport food and weapons to the Stalingrad front in 1942.

There are traces of the bombing stretch along the railway. During the rush, bodies of the perished fighters were thrown into craters. Many residents nowadays don’t know that there are remains of the fighters being buried there.

“There is a mass grave. It is fenced and has an identifying mark. According to local historians, there are about 40 to 50 spontaneous burials sites. We need to look for them. The remains must be sought precisely,” said local historian, Zhuban Gumarov.

One of the craters is located at the 365 crossing. The remains of 16 fighters were found and brought out.

“We do not know how many bodies lie here, because it is a very big crater. There is a railway nearby, about 20 meters away.  Just after the bombing, sailors came here. There trains did not just carry the sailors. Weapons, food were brought to Stalingrad. Therefore, all kind of troops gathered here. I think it’s no use to identify the bodies. If only there were medallions but it’s unlikely. The only thing left here is buttons and buckles. Here is a button with the anchor, which says that he was a sailor,” said Leader of the Search Engine, Sergey Lapshin.

Local historians claimed that on October 4th, 1942, a Pacific Fleet ship which was heading to Stalingrad was blown up at the 365th crossing. 38 marines died that day.

Their names are known but their burial places remain unknown. After all the relevant documents are ready, they will be reburied in a mass grave in Saykhin village.

Local historians said that there are still dozens of burial places in Bokey Orda region alone. The main goal of the search parties is to find the remnants of the soldiers and rebury them.

Photo: Хабар 24