Bozok Ancient Town to Welcome Visitors in 2022

The Bozok ancient settlement will open its doors to visitors in 2022. The visitors will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the authentic environment of the era of the formation and development of the Equestrian culture.

An amphitheater, oriental bazaar, artisan workshops, military sports complex and a bio park will be built on the territory.

The settlement will be an open-air archeological museum. There are similar places in many countries.

The idea is not only to reconstruct the ancient city, but also to build a settlement on the basis of artifacts which was included in the First President’s Seven Facets of the Great Steppe article.

The draft of the Bozok ancient settlement project is ready. The architectural settlement is available in the digital version of 3D format. 412 hectares of land is allocated for the construction of the project.

“Scientists will discuss about the draft. Because the search, design works, soil, foundation and water survey of this territory will be further conducted. We are confident and hope that we will be supported not only by the state budget, but also by our social partners and investors,” said  Project Leader, Saule Boribayeva.

The Bozok monument was researched by the Ishim archaeological expedition for 20 years.

The main goal of the scientists is to study the history of the country through unique archaeological artifacts.

According to experts, the open-air museum will demonstrate the greatness of steppe civilization. And it will become a platform for the implementation of scientific and creative projects.