Turkistan will become the center of historical tourism

Turkistan will become the center of historical tourism

The spiritual capital of the Turkic world, Turkistan, will become the center of historical tourism.

According to statistics, the city was visited by over one million tourists last year.

A spiritual-cultural center will be built near the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi mausoleum. It will be located on the territory of over 90 hectares.

According to the general plan of Turkistan, a total of 11 projects will be commissioned, which includes a visitor center, an amphitheater, amusement park and museums.

Turkistan has a rich past. The city played a big role in the history of the Kazakh Khanate.

“We must take into account these features and develop the city in the right direction. Now we are working on the project of the spiritual and cultural center. It is at the stage of completion,” said Head of designers, Maksat Zhaparbekuly.

Meanwhile, work is underway in Uralsk to preserve the architectural monuments.

There are over a hundred buildings built in the 18th to19th centuries in the old part of the city.

The concept envisages the expansion of the pedestrian zone and the restoration of the facades of old structures.

There will also be a limitation on the movement of vehicles on the road, leaving only buses as well as newly added bicycle lanes.

Entrepreneurs are invited to open entertainment centers, restaurants and shopping centers. This, in turn, will help develop tourism in the city.

“Uralsk is valuable because it is a historical city. There is no such city like us except Turkistan. Professionals and experts will be involved in the project. In the future, this will be an anchor project for us to attract investments,” said Head of Architecture and Urban Development of Uralsk City, Temirbolat Shakirzhanov.

There are many people who want to learn about the history of the ancient cities of Kazakhstan.

Therefore, much attention is paid to the development of the appropriate infrastructure.

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