Kazakh students won Boston Intellectual Olympiad

Kazakh students won Boston Intellectual Olympiad

It was a dream of Almaty students, Temirlan Abdikadyr and Yerasyl Omirtay to become the winners of the Boston Intellectual Olympiad.

The students from specialized secondary school won gold and silver medals.

They said that it is not easy to win in the intellectual Olympiad competition as the contestants are well-educated students from 25 countries.

The students said that it is a great achievement for them to participate in high-level competition. They also said that they had to pass various knowledge tests in order to enter any prestigious international university.

“In USA, there is an International Union of Universities. In the future, I dream of becoming a student at one of the universities included in the union,” said Abdikadyr.

The students from Almaty, Abdikadyr and Omirtay noted that the Boston Intellectual Olympiad is a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge.

The boys hope that students from Kazakhstan will win a gold medal at the international competition next year.

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