“Jasa” youth project launched in Kazakhstan

“Jasa” youth project launched in Kazakhstan

A special project ‘Jasa’ has been launched in Kazakhstan to increase social activity and civic responsibility among the young people.

The project is planned to support creative and urban initiatives. The project includes several stages, including competitive selection.

1,200 applications have been received today. 100 of the best proposals will receive funding. All of the projects will be completed before the end of the year.

70 participants from all regions of the country met in the capital. The purpose of the meeting is to increase the competency of leadership potential development and planning youth initiatives.

More than 50 projects were presented in Aktobe region. Most of the young people suggest projects aimed at charity, development of youth volunteering, and encouraging leisure activities in rural areas.

“Our mission is to help, guide and support them with these six-month youth projects,” said mentor, Saya Sagyngalieva.

Photo: Хабар 24