Kazakhstan Attracts Chinese Tourists

Kazakhstan Attracts Chinese Tourists

Tourists from China are actively exploring Kazakhstan as a new leisure destination.  

A third of the total tourist traffic from the Middle Kingdom visited the Almaty region.

There are several national parks in Almaty region, but the most visited for the Chinese tourist is Ile-Alatau, Altyn Emel, which includes Kolsai, Kaindy and the Charyn national park.

The tourists can experience Kazakh lifestyle by living with a Kazakh family, eat Kazakh food, live in yurts and see the beauty of nature.

Ho Tao is in Kazakhstan for the first time. However, he is already dreaming of returning to the country again to share the pleasure of viewing nature’s beauty with his whole family. According to him, he was in awe of the nature and the hospitality of the locals.

With the introduction of electronic visas in April this year, the number of tourists has significantly increased.

700 tourists from China have traveled with this travel agency alone in the last six months. In August, another 380 tourists will visit the country for 14 days to see the beautiful places in Almaty.

Photo: express-k.kz