New Shahristan to Attract Tourists to Taraz

New Shahristan to Attract Tourists to Taraz

A unique historical and cultural center for tourists, Shahristan, is currently being constructed in Taraz.

Seven buildings will be built in the area of the old bazaar as well as a local history museum, Rukhaniyat center, exhibition pavilion, galleries as well as an amphitheater and a stone slab.

Over 397 million tenge was allocated for the construction of the project. The laying of the foundations and clearing of the territory are well underway.

Architects say that the complex will be a unique facility in Kazakhstan. It is scheduled to be commissioned in October.

Project architect, Bek Kuanyshev said that Shahristan complex is a continuation of the Kone Taraz ethno-historical complex, which will be linked between each other with a waking street. 

Its length will be one kilometer and stretch from the Akkoziev Street until the Bayzak Batyr Street.

“Five residential buildings and four commercial buildings nearby Tole Bi Street will also be subjected to external repair. Everything will be in remade based on Oriental style,” the architect said.

Specialists of tourism industry say that the new sightseeing site will help attract more tourists to the ancient city of Taraz and Zhambyl region as a whole.

Last year, the region welcomed 200,000 people and this year the number of visitors is expected to double.

12 tour routes and special mobile application were made available for the convenience of the travelers. Scanning of the new QR-codes available at the local monuments provide information on their history in five languages.

“There are 178 accommodations in the Zhambyl region; these are two, three, four, five star hotels and also hostels. 154 of them are located in the city of Taraz. We have an online booking system. All the information related to prices, menus are available online,” said Head of Tourism Regional Department, Karlygash Aralbekova.