Central Asia Included in International Motor Race Route

Central Asia Included in International Motor Race Route

The Central Asia countries have been included in the route of the international motor rally title “A Call of the Ancestors”.

The project participants will pass through the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In total, they will visit seven countries, including Russia, Mongolia, China, North Korea and the Republic of Korea.

Representatives of every of these countries will take part in the rally.

According to the organizers, the purpose of the event is to strengthen and develop international relations.

“The rally is dedicated to the 100th years since the March 1st Movement, one of the earliest public displays of Korean resistance and fight for independent. We live in Eurasia. Therefore we want Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan and all the regions that are included in the route of the rally, to strengthen their close ties, to understand that we are neighbors and must always remain friends,” said motor race organizer, Ernest Kim.

According to participants, the project will give the impact to the development of joint projects in business, science, tourism and other areas of mutual cooperation of the Eurasian continent.

Photo: yunews.kz