New Sightseeing Tours to Be Launched in Nur-Sultan

New Sightseeing Tours to Be Launched in Nur-Sultan

New touristic routes have been developed in Nur-Sultan. The authors of the new project are the local tour guides, members of NGOs and officials of the local mayor’s office.

The new routes include 34 sites: buildings, monuments, mosques and bridges.

There are two routes available for walking tours. The first one in red lasts 2.5 hours, the second one in blue is for those tourists who are limited in time – the tour last one hour.

Combining the buildings representing different times was one of the challenges for the developers. Some of the buildings included in the route date back to the end of the 19th century when the city was first founded, while others are brand new.

According to the Head of Planning of Astanagenplan, Amanzhol Chikanayev, farmers, entrepreneurs and merchants flocked here in the 19th century, because livestock trade was at its height. Kazakhs had plenty of cattle which were cheaper to buy compared to the neighboring lands. So the merchants found their way here very quickly.

Not all the pre-revolutionary buildings were preserved in Nur-Sultan, but those that remain have a rich history. For example, former home of a merchant, Pyotr Moiseev.

This type of houses required lots of resources at the time. One had to be rich to afford a house like this. The houses in the city of Akmola before the 1917 revolution were predominantly made of wood; rich merchants had lots of property here, demonstrating their status. Bricks for construction were brought from Atbasar.

Nor far from here, in the right bank of the Esil River, there are remains of a fence of the so-called “green” mosque. It was called so because of the paint color. The mosque was built in the late 19th century and then was destroyed during the Soviet period.

This was an entry gate. The fence used to be plastered and renovated every year for a long time. But the plaster was removed two or three years ago. The bricks were preserved in the same condition. Also, the tin protection cover has been made here. Now the fence looks new.

According to the experts, nowadays the interest in ancient architecture is reviving. This means that new tourism projects are gaining momentum.