Famous Traveler Set to Promote Kazakhstan

Famous Traveler Set to Promote Kazakhstan

Traveler, Alexander Gabchenko wants to discover Kazakhstan from a new angle. He is set to run across country in 14 races, one in each region of the country.

The unique project titled “I run Kazakhstan” covers the most spectacular natural sites of the country.

Despite the difficult weather conditions, the traveler has already run across seven regions, it is half of his journey. Alexander is planning to run the rest of routes before the end of the year.

According to the author of the project, each race takes about four hours. In just seven stages, Alexander Gabchenko ran 210 kilometers.

“I run Kazakhstan” will help showcase the wide variety of natural landscapes, the author believes. In addition, the project will contribute to the promotion of active tourism.

“I try to choose the most beautiful and visually and esthetically appealing places, the places that a tourist can visit. I try to promote active tourism. I want to let the people discover Kazakhstan with new eyes, in a new way. We have rich nature. I would like more and more people to know that Kazakhstan can offer a variety of types of leisure and travel, how they can navigate in the country, what places they can visit,” said traveler, Alexander Gabchenko.

Фото: novoetv.kz