National Council of Public Trust

National Council of Public Trust

The National Council of Public Trust under the Kazakh President will become an effective dialogue platform where members can develop proposals and recommendations for public policies in various areas.

The new body will serve as a bridge between the general public, political parties and civil servants. Decisions will be made based on pluralism of opinions.

The first meeting of the National Council is scheduled for August.

According to Advisor to President of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Karin, at a round table, all the council members will consider the recommendations made by various parties: activists, experts. The National Council will not duplicate the functions of other government bodies. This is, above all, a tool for dialogue of the civil society.

“If there is any strategic problem, and it has a national scale, then it will be discussed by the authorities, respectively, it will be brought to the attention of the National Council. That is, from the point of view of experts, members. The decisions will be made by the majority of votes. This is not a referendum, of course. But there will be a voting system,” said Spokesperson of Kazakh Institute of Strategic Studies, Alua Zholdybalina.