Kazakh Capital Attracts Tourists

Kazakh Capital Attracts Tourists

Kazakh capital has become the center of attraction for tourists visiting the country as higher number of local and foreign travelers visit the Nur-Sultan city.

Since the beginning of the year, 180,000 tourists have visited the capital city.

A tourist from Baltic, Ernestas Vasiliauskas arrived in Nur-Sultan. He spent almost six months on planning the trip, booking the tickets and planning the itinerary.

According to experts, the number of tourists is expected to continue to increase as more sightseeing tours are provided for them.

This year, children from Belarus, as well as Russia’s Tyumen and Altai regions visited Nur-Sultan. The ethnic Kazakhs have a chance to learn more about Kazakhstan.

Residents and visitors have the opportunity to go on a city tour using the double-decker tour bus. The city tour includes six stops, which are the landmark Mangilik Yel Arch, Nur Alem sphere, National Museum and the Baiterek monument.

Last year, nearly 200,000 people have used the city bus tour service.

The touristic company offers five tours per day as well as custom tours. The majority of tourists represent the United States, Germany, China and Turkey.

The tour buses will soon perform tours around the old city area where the history of the capital began. The number of visitors is expected to reach one million by the end of the year.

Photo: qazaquni.kz