International Organization Awarded Kazakh Journalist as Woman of the Year

International Organization Awarded Kazakh Journalist as Woman of the Year

Kazakh journalist, Akmaral Batalova has won the WinTrade Woman of the Year award in London.

She was nominated for a series of reports on the Syrian conflict documented for Khabar Agency.

The journalist has studied the confrontation in Syria from the very beginning and written reviews on the Astana Process. She covers the points of view of all of the peace negotiations participants.

“The Syrians have welcomed us so warmly. Women approached us on the streets, kissed me and thanked me for coming as a foreigner. Taxi drivers in Damascus did not charge us because they thought it was a good sign. If a foreign woman arrived in the city, it means that tourists will soon return to the country,” said Batalova.

The WinTrade was organized in 1996 by a British businesswoman and a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Yvonne Thompson. The organization's activities are aimed at supporting women's initiatives in different areas of life.

The reward of the Kazakh journalist is given to the women who have demonstrated outstanding integrity and progressive thinking, going beyond the usual space and proving their ability to change perceptions. Akmaral was nominated by a group of representatives of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom.

“I gave the opportunity to people to speak on how they were fighting in Syria, restoring the country and suffering from terrorism, hunger, cold and all the scourge of war,” Batalova said.

The award ceremony was the culmination of the WinTrade Week. The topic of the forum is ‘The Importance of Womenomics in the Digital Age of Artificial Intelligence.’

This year, 500 women in the world competed for the WinTrade Award in 20 nominations, and more than 11,000 people took part in the online voting.