Kazakh President Officiates Opening of Events to Celebrate the Day of the Kazakh Capital

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev officiate the opening of events to celebrate the Day of the Kazakh Capital, after raising Kazakhstan’s national flag in Nur-Sultan.

The ceremony was held at the Atameken Ethno-Memorial Complex. In his speech, President Tokayev underlined the role that the Kazakh capital played in the history of the country.  

“When Kazakhstan’s national flag is raised high in the sky, we all feel very proud of our country and all the achievements that Kazakhstan has attained as an independent country,” Tokayev said.

He added that since the formation of the capital, the city has become a visible embodiment of the success of Kazakhstan’s development model.

“This is worthy evaluation of the First President’s historical merits in uniting the nation and building our statehood,” Tokayev said.

According to tradition, the President of Kazakhstan and the Commander-in-Chief of Kazakh armed forces handed shoulder straps to distinguished graduates of military schools after the flag-raising ceremony.

Photo: elorda.info