President of Poland Awards Medal to Kazakh Citizen

Polish President Andrzej Duda awarded the Courage and Brotherhood medal to Kazakh citizen Tassybai Abdykarimov at an official ceremony in Warsaw.

The Kazakh citizen was the first to be awarded with the medal.

Abdykarimov helped the Polish family of Jablonski during the years of deportation. Despite the old age, the Kazakh elder continues looking after the graves of the Poles in his region.

Polish Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Magdalena Gawin said that it is a sign of gratitude from the Polish people and Poland.

Tassybai and Valentin became friends in 1952 and they overcome many difficulties together. They continued communicating after the Jablonski family left for Poland. At the meeting, the two men could not hold back their tears.

According to Valentin Jablonski, he was very ill when he arrived in Kazakhstan. That is when the 16-year-old Tassybai came to his rescue.

“I would like to thank Tassybai and the Kazakh people. I remember the taste of the Kazakh traditional drink kymyz and the Kazak meat. I want to visit Kazakhstan and write a book about my experience there,” Valentin Jablonski said.

Valentin started helping the local people after recovering. As a professional doctor, he traveled to various villages and learned the Kazakh language.

85-year-old Abdykarimov didn’t expect to meet his old friend many years later. The Kazakh elder also did not anticipate that he would receive an award in Warsaw from the President of Poland.

“This award is for all the Kazakh people. We are strong, open-minded and are always willing to help. Valentin will remain in my heart forever,” Abdykarimov said.  

Tassybai has worked as an agronomist. He raised nine children and is a great example for them. The friendship between the Kazakh and the Pole will be remembered by many generations to come.