Presentation of ‘He Makes History’ Book in Ankara

A book by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ‘He makes history’ in Turkish language was presented in Ankara. The book tells about the political path of the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev starting from the country’s independence.

The author has disclosed the personality of Nazarbayev, his leadership and diplomatic skills.

“We have an opportunity to see Nursultan Nazarbayev from another angle thanks to this book. It tells about the difficult path of the Leader of the Nation and his first steps in politics. I want it to be translated into other languages as well so that many people could read the book,” said Yalçin Topçu, Main Advisor to President of Turkey.

According to the Founder of Ankara Policy Centre, Hasan Kanbolat,  Tokayev is not only a strong politician and a diplomat, but also a good writer. This book also serves as a good example of the continuity of generations.

The book was published with support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Turkey and the International Turkic Academy.

Writer Malik Otarbayev, who translated the work into Turkish language, says that the experience of Kazakhstan is truly invaluable, including the formation of multiethnic and tolerant society.

Today, the entire world acknowledges the unique qualities of Nazarbayev as a global reformer.

Kazakhstan has become a successful and dynamically developing state under his leadership. Strategic decisions of the First President that helped the country to become an authoritative player in the world can be found in the book.

Therefore, the publication will be interesting to both contemporaries and next generations, Turkish politicians said.