Fish Production in Aral Sea has Grown by 30% in 5 Years

Each year up to 8500 tons of fish are caught in the Aral Sea. The growth of the caught volumes contributed to development of fish processing farms.

Due to the high concentration of salt in the Aral Sea, only flounder could survive the salt water.

Currently, there are 23 species of fish in the Small Aral. Moreover, the Kokaral dam was built as part of the water project. The 300-meter dam with a 140-meter slope has been performing its task for almost a decade and a half.

The water level in the northern Aral Sea is rising. Over the past five years, fish production in the region has grown by 30%. The products of local fish processing farms are exported to European countries.

It is the result of ambitious project aims to preserve the Syrdarya River and the northern part of the Aral Sea. The project was implemented in the Kyzylorda region. This is a unique example of construction of the lake and its stocking. This was previously impossible to achieve, experts said.

According to Senior Staff of Natural Resources and Regulation of Nature Use Department, Kairat Zhansultanuly the creation of Small Aral is estimated at US$86 million. Today the volume of the reservoir amounts to 27 billion cubic meters. The previous volume was only 15 billion cubic meters.