Equestrian Expedition Kicks off in Kazakhstan

The ‘Kieli Kazakhstan’ equestrian expedition kicked off in Kazakhstan. The project aims to revive ancient national traditions and promote equestrian culture. Eleven equipped riders are planning to travel 600 kilometers on horses in ten days. During this unique trip, a team will visit the Akmola, Pavlodar and Karagandy regions. The horse riders will daily overcome nearly 60 kilometers with stops in the nearby villages. The members of the expedition are aged between 14 and 50. Travel bloggers and foreign travelers are taking part in the expedition. The goal of the project is to develop equestrian and ethnic tourism in Kazakhstan. During the expedition, participants will visit the most interesting places. According to the results of the project, the most optimal places and routes will be identified for development of horseback tours.

‘We formed some sort of a club five years ago. We meet and take joint trips to remarkable destinations to see the beautiful Kazakh landscapes. There are a lot of beautiful places in Kazakhstan. We often take trips to the Saryarka. Along our routes, we visit two national parks: Buirtau and Bayanaul. Those are wonderful places,’ Berik Akylbekov, head of the expedition said.

Photo: argymaq.kz