Tourism Opportunities in Balkash Resort Area

Tourism Opportunities in Balkash Resort Area

Tourism development is gaining momentum in Kazakhstan. Many travel agents from other countries are studying tourism opportunities in the Central Asian country.  

Marina Amelchenko is a travel agent from Russia. She intends to attract tourists from Tyumen. This time Marina came to explore beach vacation options in the Balkhash resort area. ‘We have tried traveling by train and bus to Kazakhstan. We’ve been offered air tours. We are planning to organize these types of travel options for our tourists,’ Amelchenko said.

Mongolian travel agencies are willing to cooperate with Kazakhstan. They are interested in picturesque lands, local sights and traditions.

‘3,000 tourists from 28 different countries come to visit Mongolia every year. We introduce them to the Kazakh customs and traditions, like falconry. Tourists get confused when they are introduced to the Kazakh traditions in Mongolia. From now on we want to bring them to Kazakhstan,’ Bagzhan Kanatuly, travel agent from Mongolia told Kazakh TV.

Kazakh and foreign travel agents traveled to Balkhash to discuss the prospects of the Balkhash resort development. More than 70 companies from five countries participated in the meeting. Experts shared their opinions on raising the service level, increasing the number of visitors and making the region even more attractive.

Yerkebulan Khasenov, spokesman for Kazakh tourism development company believes cooperation between the government and entrepreneurs is crucial.  ‘The government has to provide the necessary infrastructure. Construction of roads leading to tourist sights and reconstruction of railways and airports are very important,’ he said.

The coast of the Lake Balkhash is in the list of top ten destinations to visit in Kazakhstan, according to the national program. Five billion tenge will be invested in the infrastructure as part of the special program. Additional six billion tenge of private investments will be attracted for the construction of new facilities. 

Nearly 100,000 people spend their vacation in Balkhash a year. In the ten years the tourist flow will be increased four times, experts forecast.