Tourism Development Gets Boosted in Kazakhstan

Tourism Development Gets Boosted in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is set to join 50 top destinations to visit. The country is increasing its competitiveness in the tourism industry. Cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty are growing popular among travelers.

There is also an increase in tourist flows in other parts of the country. More than 800 tourists visited the Burabai resort last year. Half a million people traveled to Turkistan and more than 200,000 travelers went to Bayanaul.

‘This year, electronic visas have been launched. Before travelers who wanted to visit Kazakhstan had to deal with lots of paperwork, travel to the Kazakh embassies, submit the papers in person and wait at least a week to have the visa processed. Now they can apply for a visa online and receives an electronic visa in three days without leaving home,’ Aiya Nurdauletkyzy, head of a local travel agency commented.

Kazakhstan has adopted a tourism development plan till 2025. The program will ensure modernization and construction of the tourism infrastructure across the country. Ten priority destinations have been identified already. The government is planning to attract foreign direct investments to the domestic tourism industry.

By 2023, the flow of tourists to Kazakhstan will double, according to the forecast of the local officials. In the next six years, the tourism industry in Kazakhstan should ensure the growth of the country’s GDP to 8%.