16th Eurasian Media Forum Officially Kicks off

The 16th Eurasian Media Forum has been officially opened in Almaty.

Experts and participants from 60 countries discussed relevant and informative topics in line with the theme, the ‘De-globalization: The World in Search of New Development Models’.

Experts say that there is a ‘reverse movement’ in the long-term globalization process of the global economy.

However, Kazakh Minister of Information Dauren Abayev said that the world today can be compared to an internet village.

He said everything that is happening around the world has a direct impact on Kazakhstan, like any other country.

“Eurasian Media Forum is a good opportunity to discuss these topics here and now,” Abayev said.

The majority of American experts discussed various aspects such as the growing population in the world, energy resources and the shortage of food in the world.

Meanwhile, experts from Kenya, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania didn’t reach an agreement in the discussions on the role of information technologies in the development of mankind. 

There is concern that advancement of technology is causing unemployment.

Futurist Martin Ford, encourages appropriate use of new technology.

“Artificial intelligence will bring lots and lots of benefits to humanity. It is going to be a tool,” said Ford.

The 16th Eurasian Media Forum will last till tomorrow.

The general partner of the meeting is Samuryk Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Photo: toppress.kz