Kostanai hosted the sixth Kazakh-Russian youth forum

The main discussion topic was the volunteer movement. More than 1,000 activists from almost all regions of the country arrived to share their experience with colleagues in the workshop. Among them are young people from Western Kazakhstan.

According to volunteer Alpamys Nurguatov, there are 50,000 young people in Western Kazakhstan, around 20,000-25,000 of them are involved in the volunteer movement.

The forum is regarded as an international forum. Activists from Russia’s border regions also arrived in Kostanai, including medical volunteers, eco-volunteers, corporate volunteers as well as ordinary volunteers. They would like to see the format of work that is practiced in Kazakhstan.

There are 222 volunteer organizations operating in Kazakhstan which include more than 50,000 members and the majority is young people.

“The volunteer movement is one of the most common and convenient work methods, because volunteer services, like the charity activities, help revive and strengthen patriotism among the young people,” said Madiyar Kozhakhmet, chairman, committee for youth and family, Kazakh Ministry of information and social development.

Several cooperation memorandums have been signed at the forum. The participants also organized a large scale environmental campaign on the bank of the River Tobol.

Photo: top-news.kz