16th Eurasian mediaforum

16th Eurasian Media Forum will be held from May 22nd to 24th in Almaty. More than 400 guests from 43 countries are expected to take part in the event.

According to organizers, this year’s forum will have a diverse agenda. Experts are set to discuss the media market developments and changes in the geopolitical field, as well as social and environmental aspects. In addition to panel and discussion sessions, a series of intensive training for journalists conducted by foreign colleagues will be held. Australian expert Ivo Burum will share the latest trends in reporting practices.

The media forum’s organizers are also working on an introductory tour for the foreign guests aimed to demonstrate the Kazakh culture and traditions.


- The topic of the 16th Eurasian Media Forum is ''The World Today: Transformation Reality?''

We ask such kind of question: what is happening in the world today, what are the challenges in this world and how the media should cope with this in the first place.

We discuss them on our platforms and panel discussions, including significant and social issues related to ecology and artificial intelligence as well as the development of further robotization and how it will affect the labor market.

Foto: www.zakon.kz